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Hi, David Weck here. Today, I'm going to be doing side-swinging lunges with the RMT Yoke Rope.

Let's talk about what we're doing here: Key on this is how we want to rotate through the hip and what we want to do with the upper body, the shoulders and the hands.

So first thing is we're going to we're going to think of rotating through the hip by folding through the inguinal crease, it's that diagonal line from the pelvis down to the inner thigh. We want to fold that line so that we can keep our leg facing forward with the direct line of force down to the ground. To the extent possible, we want to get down without the knee coming out. We don't want that knee to buckle out, we want to keep it as straight ahead as you can. That's the folding pattern through that inguinal.

We're going to want to dip the shoulder. As I'm drawing back and folding into my hip, I'm going to want to dip this shoulder to get a long range of motion for the hand to come back, swing it up, park it in position, then we get the other side. Repeat again for non-dominant side training™.

With my head, I like to actually go back and look at the rope with my eyes, so I'll take it and I'll look back at it and come up. You can also keep the head neutral and just let it go with the spine and not look back. Your choice. It doesn't take too many of those [rotational lunges] to get you really warmed up, loose, feeling strong, and feeling powerful.

It connects you all the way through your hands, through the core, down to the ground. It's an amazing exercise, its called the Side Swinging Lunges with the RMT Yoke Rope.

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