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Hi, David Weck here. Today I'm doing an exercise called the Hockey Player [with the RMT Club]. It's a lateral hopping lunge with a chopping motion.

Let's break it down: Basically, as I'm jumping laterally, I want to take the club with me, leading with the butt of the club. Same way you swing a baseball bat, leading with the butt of the club. So as I hop laterally, I drive the butt of the club and I simply just turn it and drive it in the other direction. You'll feel the weight of it, have a definitive stop and then you go.

It is harder to do this move when you let the free leg stay back home. What I mean by that is it's easier if I take the lateral hop and I let the back leg cross. With that crossing motion, I get to gather to the center. If I don't let that back leg cross and I just hop while trying to keep it in the air, big time stabilizers through the hips, engagement to the core, turns cardiovascular very, very quickly and you get that integrated movement. It's a fantastic exercise, we call that the Hockey Player with the RMT Club.

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