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Hi David Weck here and I'm going to teach you how to strengthen your feet jumping on the BOSU Elite. I've got a stick here. This is strength training with a unique form of resistance underneath. That's going to strengthen, stretch and coordinate the feet for better ground based action (walking, jumping, distance running, agility, etc.).

First exercise, just forward and back. When your feet land just behind what we call this Power Line, you can see how my heels now are lower than the balls of my feet, makes me find balance in the balls of my feet and the big toe, but capture the full power of the heel. And that's the secret to the best ground based movement right there. What it also does is, it also makes me balance my pelvis forward in my base of support when I'm in that Power Zone position on the Elite.

Alright next exercise, I'm just going to alternate. I'm alternating here and I want to switch where the stick is as well. Keep in mind, both hands you want to use. So right here I'm focused on the action of the foot in the Power zone. I want to feel like I can harness the perfect coordination through that dome. And that's getting me the resistance; it's building all of this connective tissue, the bone structure, coordinating the lower body to send that foot up. So that's that.

Now next exercise I'm doing is a cross. The cross is basically making my feet strong in any position. But our aim is to make you strong in your strongest possible position but also make you strong when your body is not in a strong position, and that's 3-dimensional strength, that’s connective tissue. So that's that exercise. Now, I'm going to top it off with the last exercise.

Last exercise, is jumping with my feet internally rotated the most I can, may mean that you're not internally rotating, but I'm going to internally rotate the maximum that I can. And I'm going to jump behind the Power Line and I'm going to do it in two ways. I'm going to do it where I project off, and use the ball of my foot to get that height. So you can see boom boom boom. Every time I land in there I'm getting development. Functional strength training development that is coordinated for this [demonstrates quick sprint stance]. So last version of that exercise, is I'm going to create a shelf through my feet, just like this. And let the BOSU ball do all the work. I basically just want to hit it with my whole body. I want the ball of my foot and the heel to be united. I want it to transmit through my lower back all the way up to the back of my head and the top of my head suspended here. And I want to drop that weight, and drive it down as hard as I possible can and let the BOSU ball do all the work.

And that now makes you what we call an impact runner, and an impact jumper.

BOSU Elite builds your feet, centers your center over your base and it builds you, it doesn't break you. You do this training every single day that you can. You only stop due to soreness or any other issues. That is daily training that is how you do it. BOSU Elite makes your feet strong, and gives you the best balance.

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