Proper Running Form Techhnique


This Clinic Will Make You Faster.

The course will cover: Coiling Core Training™ As well as the following:

  • Learning the Head Over Foot Technique™
  • Application of Compression Strength Training™
  • Personal running analysis on your current form
  • Proper head, foot and hand positioning to maximize efficiency
  • How to hit the ground harder with less repetitive stress on your body
  • How to increase stride length without over-striding
  • Proprietary training and programming to make you stronger and faster on the field, track, road, or·trail
  • Specific training for in-season, off-season & pre-season performance

Want to be a Faster, Stronger, More Resilient Runner?




  • Spartan™ Racing
  • Tough Mudder™
  • Warrior Dash™
  • Ironman™
  • Marathon/Half-Marathon
  • Trail/Mountain Racing
  • Sprinting and Track
  • 5k Racing
  • 10k Racing


"There is nothing else like WeckMethod Running- both the techniques and the training. I have gotten significantly faster in my sprinting and continue to get faster and faster the more I train it.

-Phil McConkey - NFL Veteran, Elite Master Level Sprinter

"David Weck is always one step ahead of everyone else, including trainers, about where this field is going."

-Todd Durkin - Elite Trainer, Head Trainer UnderArmor Performance Council

"David Weck was instrumental in helping me regain the ability to walk. Through working with him and WeckMethod, I was able to climb Mt. Whitney and now plan to run a half-marathon."

-Zachary York - Cancer Survivor and Public Speaker

"I would say with complete confidence that David Weck is the premiere expert in the field of running. He is not limited by convention and he has proven results with the fastest runners in the world."

-Steve Cotter - Elite Athlete & Coach, Voted "Top 100 Fittest Men of All-Time" by Men's Health

"David Weck is the guy behind the best athletes in the world. We need people like him to share his concepts so we athletes can get better."

-Joe Duarte - Professional Athlete, MMA Fighter

Clinic taught by David Weck - Founder of WeckMethod, Inventor of BOSU® and Consultant to World Record Athletes.