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Today I'm going to show you an exercise [and speed training technique] that we call Toe Squats (aka Sprinter Squats) on the BOSU Elite. We do this to increase sprinting speed and agility. What it gives you is strength through the foot and better angle. So here's what it looks like.

I'm up on the BOSU Elite. My toes are at the number 2s pointing straight ahead. I've got a stick for balance. I keep my head on level here and I raise up on to the toes keeping the back exactly the way it was. Knees are going forward. I'm going to think knees are going forward and up as I come down perfectly straight. My calves are maximally contracted. I'm up on the toes and the feet as high as I possibly can get. I'm at full depth. I want to feel like I could bounce in this hole here. No pain in the knees. Knees have to be strong enough and driving them forward and up helps a great deal.

So I come from here, I come all the way up. Use the balance stick as necessary. I'm all the way up on the toes. I'm driving up with the feet, up and forward with knees as I pull my body down to full depth right here. The arches are on fire in the feet and I can bounce and pulse into that resistant dome for even more loading intensity through the feet. I also will put a weight vest on my chest, a 65 lb weight vest for even more load,

Now boom, come up. You'll want to do 6-8 repetitions of that. In the beginning you do less because it's intense. Then from there, while the arches are on fire I'm going to bring them back now. Bring them back to life. Little jumps, little pulses in the Power Zone with a flat full foot. Right here I get that dorsiflexion with inversion. I'm just getting a little intensity on those bounces. I want to be very precise landing in the Power Zone.

Now the arches are back to life here and what I have is I have strength and balance that I can now, in a sprint I can now, boom, I can get all the way up on the toe and I can project forward from the toe which helps the cycle of my legs. It also gives me more aggressive angle and push forward. So I'm literally faster [speed training] when I learn and do that exercise and I'm good at it.

So, that's our BOSU Elite Toe Squats (aka Sprinter Squats) for people who want to run their absolute fastest.

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