The Palm Reader

Running technique used to improve speed and make you a faster runner by helping develop rhythmic power from your hands all the way to your kick and stride. Learn additional speed training techniques and secrets to increase sprinting speed.

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David Weck here today I want to talk to you about us spiraling technique to enhance your speed as a runner. We call this one, the Palm Reader.

So here's what you do: You hold your hand nice and flat like this. And you put it right in front of your nose so that you're looking at your palm, hence “reading the palm”. Take your other hand, same posture with the hand, and put it facing backward right at your hip. So that's your position.

Then what you do is you switch the position. The other hand right even with your nose, look at your palm. Other hand facing back, and as you run you're just gonna switch the hands all the way to the center line with it look at your palm.

(Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom)

Now how this works, is you have this big muscle in your back call the lat. The attachment corkscrews into the arm bone (the humorous is what it's called) and that direction of your hand rotating to this position winds up that big muscle corkscrewing in and gives you a mechanical advantage to that springy connective tissue to harness more power, more efficiently.

When you do that exercise you’re going to find things, you'll feel that thrust. Doesn’t mean you actually have to run like that all the time.

Having done the exercise your body will retain a certain amount a muscle memory and then your arm action will become more efficient, more fluid to the shoulder, and more relaxed which leads to you being a faster runner.

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In balance and strength,

David Weck