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Hi, David Weck here. Today, I'm going to show you an exercise we call Center Stops using the BOSU® POWERSTAX. It's a fluid filled annular ring with inside and outside handles, weighing anywhere from 5-33 pounds dependent on how much water you put inside.

So here's the Center Stop: It really is the elbow driving to the center of the body, back around the head and opposite elbow to the center of the body. The elbow goes on the inside. You want to pattern a very strong position through the shoulders and then increase your speed. At no point in time should your shoulder feel weak or vulnerable. You want it to be on the inside and then highly coordinated back over the top. This is going to give you that positional information by proxy of just the relationship inside the circle that when I'm on one side and we switch it to the other elbow, I have this very nice over-under situation and I'm centered.

The reason why we want to do this exercise is because, in order to maximize your athletic ability and your ability to play football or any kind of MMA or just to be your strongest from a structural standpoint, you have to know the inside. So many people spend so much time on the outside that many of them don't develop the full capacity on the inside.

Let me give you a real-life example: If I'm going to balance on one hand, I'm not strong enough to do it on the outside and not many people would be. But if I come down and I balance with my hands on the inside, I can balance. Here, it's parked on the inside and I can balance my weight through the structure. Break dancers know this, bartenders know this, the world calisthetics organization, they all knows this. It's about movement, it's about harnessing and controlling moment, and it's about structural integrity, getting into positions of strength and balance as the stop points and then using dynamic motion and fluidity to get to the next strong stop point. It's far more functional than disjointed/segmented isolated exercise. That doesn't mean that there's never a place for those things, but this is integrated training, this is WeckMethod.

That's our Center Stops with the POWERSTAX Riser. There's tons more stuff that we do with this tool including elevating a BOSU ball and stabilizing them as well. It's a functional training device with a huge amount of utility. That exercise can be done any phase of a workout, it's conditioning with a purpose.

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