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Hi, David Weck here. Today I'm going to teach you Spiraling Swings with the RMT Club.

This is a fantastic exercise for giving you total body integration, total connection from the extremities to the center, give you high levels of coordination to use your upper body to control your entire body better. It's a pretty intense move. Basically, what I want is to do is I want to find the amount of rotation with my hand, arm, shoulder, torso, hips, everything [Rotational Movement Training®] that's going to zero the club as it's moving fast.

As I come down through the legs, I'm hinging through the hips and I'm athletically rotating and trying to drive the club as far back as it can go, and I'm pronating, unwinding the spiral as far as it can go, making it as long as it can possibly be as it comes down here, and that's zeroing the club. What I've done is I've highly coordinated the hips all the way through to the hands through a very full range of motion. It's an incredible power range of motion. So from here, because this club doesn't weight near what a kettlebell weights, I'm going to accelerate and use speed to create resistance and we're developing power, so it's a lot less strength and more about power.

So from here, I'm going to rotate to supination. My elbows are away from my body here, as I rotate to supination, the elbow comes toward the body and now it's connected to the hips and I don't even let the arm do it, the hips are doing it. This hand stops it and sends it down and I unwind the spiral, bring it back, zero the club, bring it up, rotate to here. I'm down here and then I throw the club back down and when I throw the club, I can also put a rotation on it that's going to help me with that supination and pronation. Obviously, you're going to do both sides, work that non-dominant side.

You can see my hand is just a whip on this club because I want my center to be controlling it. The hand is just going for this spiraling ride of connection, the club is just guaranteed to do it. So we're obviously doing both sides and then you can coordinate some additional moves onto this. Come down here to pronate through the hip movement, I'm going to come up and supinate. As it comes up, I'm going to pronate and put the club right behind my shoulder. From here, I'm going to sweep it down, pronate, supinate, pronate. I'm creating that great range of motion where I have this highly coordinated move all the way from the hand and what that does is it's going to create fluidity and connection through the shoulder. We create this linkage of power throughout the entire body.

So that's spiraling swings with the RMT Club. We can go all the way up eight pound clubs, and eight pounds moving very fast is quite a workout for just about anybody. If you're really strong, it just means you can go faster. We can go all the way down to two pounds, which means that literally anybody can do this exercise. Once you get good at this exercise, just watch out. If you play tennis, play softball, if you play whatever you play, just the way you move is much more fluid and integrated. That's our RMT Club Spiraling Swings.

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