David Weck, here. Today, I'm teaching you a Coiling Core exercise using a medicine ball. We're going to be throwing it against the wall. And this, I'm going to show you is the most productive way that you can toss the medicine ball against the wall, because we're going to distill it down to the factors that create immediate carryover to rotation. We're not confused by anatomy. Consider the anatomy the trees. We want to get right to the heart of biomechanics [Body Mechanics]. The muscles that we care about are lats. We focus on the lats and the entire body comes together. If you don't focus on the lats, well now you're cutting yourself off from focusing on the lats and you're getting more conditioned and stronger and better at doing something without the distillation or without the foundation of Rotational Movement Training. So you're not moving as well. The proof is immediate carryover. We want to move better immediately. Why should we have to wait for results? We want to feel the "more power" right now! Not just willy nilly throwing it against the wall getting tired. Or, making the mistake that it's all about my internal obliques and all this other stuff. Yes, it is. Got the muscles doing all the work, but learn to let the lats lead the show. The lats are your core. Everything else is subservient to the lats.

So, they key on this is the stance. We have our "Royal Coil" stance in WeckMethod. It looks like this: What it basically is, is it's this 90 degree turnout where I have the external rotation. If I find a corner on the floor, one foot is on this line, the other foot is on this line. You can vary the position of it, the distance of it, but it's the 90 degrees that makes the difference. That's what we want. So, how we're going to do this, is we're going to align the forward foot parallel to the wall. Put this foot back here, and what you want to do is you want to keep this 10th and 11th rib 45 degrees to these 90. So we're splitting the 90 in half. Shoulder comes down and back, inside hip is coming up and forward. This stance will change your game.

So, it's very simple. You're going to take the medicine ball. Set it up. Take the medicine ball, and we want to start here, and keep it right there. Notice how that's not changing. I'm coiling, and I'm thrusting out of the coil.

You're going to feel other muscles working, but it's that coiling action that's going to give us that immediate carryover to teach the nervous system how to move better. Obviously, you do both sides [Non-Dominant Side Training], but what you're going to feel on that is the upstroke when the foot is hitting the ground. What we teach at WeckMethod is the pulse. It's not an upstroke, it's a down pulse. That's going to feel unified as long as you land Head Over Foot, you're going to run with greater power. Better balance. Efficiency. And it's joy. You're on the ground less time. It's human flight. And then that's going to convert into our Wing Pulse distance running technique [Proper Running Techniques]. And the key to learning those pulsing techniques is to train the core. Train the Coiling Core.

So, it's very very simple. I'll review one more time with the medicine ball. The stance is going to take care of everything as long as you get the three factors right. Foot one, foot two are right. 10th and 11th rib is right. Shoulder down and back, hip up and forward takes care of itself. And then boom, have at it. Do both sides. You're going to get the same metabolic conditioning as if you just did it any old way. Or, if it's some specific rotation. It's not going to give you the same return. That's WeckMethod. Tune in for more, thank you.


functional training: coiling core swings with the rmt club