Hi, David Weck here. Today, I'm going to teach an overhand pattern with the RMT Rope called the "Swimming Pattern."

Here's what it looks like: I'm going to be crossing the hands over one another, side to side with the rope; it's a highly metabolic move. Notice how the top hand comes forward, the bottom hand comes backward. We're going to break this down very, very simple so that you can really master that pattern. It is highly metabolic so it's a great conditioning as well as coordinating exercise.

Begin with your fists together, palm to palm, and just simple figure eight, figure eight. Now what you want to do with the figure eight is you want to not just make it frontal plain and linear, you want to bend the figure eight and envision that there's a rope looping on either side. So, I'm bending the figure eight here, and now, once I get comfortable with that figure eight, now I'm going to cross, come across, leading with the thumbs, and now immediately cross, and cross, and cross. So the bottom hand comes over, and the top hand that becomes the bottom hand just follows it. Lead with the thumbs.

Then, once you're ready, put the rope in your hands, put the hands together, because we're going to keep them together at first, and then you just figure eight, one loop on either side. Really try to stay even on those loops and then once you're comfortable with that, start crossing the hands over. Crossing the hands over. This is fantastic for the lats, for the shoulders, for the core. It's an incredible movement. You can either hit the ground, and tick it, or keep it in the air and make it fly.

You can see just how athletic that is, the hands moving in this incredible synchronicity, right left balance, fast, fluid, and strong. I like to do thirty second sets, where the first fifteen seconds are slow and smooth, and the last fifteen seconds are go-for-it. But keep it smooth. Take fifteen seconds rest, hit it again! You can put that anywhere within a workout. It's great for warming up, it's great for a great conditioning metabolic set within, and you can even cool down with it. It's a fantastic coordinating and conditioning movement, the overhand swimming roll.


RMT Rope Exercise to improve balance and coordination