Hi, David Weck here. Today, I'm going to teach you a pattern with the RMT Rope called the "Matador's Wheel."

Here's what it looks like: It's 2 loops to either side of the body. The hands are crossing and opening. We cross the hands to get across, and we open them for a loop (cross and open). So, it's a really fantastic pattern for getting balance, rhythm, timing, flow [Balance Training]. It'll really get you into the zone to make your next set of whatever you're doing even better.

So, let's break it down: It's very simple. We have to use the hands without the rope to get the pattern. Then, the rope connects the hands, and really drills that pattern into muscle memory. So, you're going to begin on your right side, palms facing one another, just like this: You're going to do a loop, so you make a circle. Envision that there's a rope. You're going to do that, and now, one loop here, then you cross them to cross the body. Put them right side by side. Make a loop, and then cross. Loop and cross. Loop and cross. It's a circle, and then cross. Notice how I get the 'swoosh.' When I come across their crossing, then they loop together. They loop together, and then they cross. They loop together, and they cross. So now, I'm going to take the rope in my hand. I'll start on the right side, here it looks like: I'll make a loop, then I cross, a loop, then I cross. What I want to do is be very deliberant and balanced in terms of crossing. I want to lead with thumbs. I want to keep this spiraling movement as I'm doing the crosses. So, it's a loop, and then they cross. Notice how the thumbs turn over, one hand pronating, the other hand supinating. Then they come, make an even loop, and then cross. May take you just a little while to get it, but once you get it, it'll be one of the most valuable rope training moves in your training arsenal. Because, like I said before, the rhythm, the timing, the balance creates this great come back to holding pattern that now you can start to get more integrated with different moves that you're doing with your rope.

So, that's our Matador's Wheel. Practice the cross the open, the cross, the open. Then, put the rope in your hands, and get balanced rhythm and timing like never before.