Hi, David Weck here. Today, I'm going to teach you a pattern with the RMT Rope called an "Underhand Race and Chase."

Here's what it looks like: We're going to be going underhand with the rope, so the loops are going to be going opposite as if you going to jump rope. It looks like a backward jump rope as you do this pattern. You're going to be spiraling figure 8's one loop on either side of the body, and the hands don't change positions. So, they're going to be crossed on one side, open on the other side.

Here's how we break this down and master this pattern: What you're going to do is begin with your hands stacked, pinky to thumb. You'll be doing both sides, but one at a time. Now, unlike the overhand pattern where you lead with the thumb, on the underhand pattern, you lead with the pinky. It's a little bit more complex, takes people a little bit more time to master this, but you want to be spiraling the figure 8's (keeping them in contact pinky to thumb) with the pinky side leading, pronating, supinating opposite with each hand, making those loops. Then, you simply put the rope in your hand (make sure the rope is true), and then you get it going with an underhand loop. If there were pebbles on the ground, the pebbles would be shooting 'that way,' right 'there.' Not behind me, like an overhand pattern, but in front of me. That's where the rocks would be flying if I were hitting the ground. I can keep it in the air and flow, and I'm just doing this beautiful figure 8. I can switch the hands, and now make the other hand the leader.

This is fantastic for Non-Dominant Side Training. Basically, what'll happen with this is the dominant side will do it more easily, and then we program in the Non-Dominant Side to be the leader. And by going back and forth, you develop tremendous athletic balance throughout the body. It's metabolically less challenging than some of the other moves, and it can be sequenced in with an overhand race and chase for example where now I'm going overhand. I switch 180 degrees, and now I'm going underhand.

So, watch the video for the Overhand Race and Chase, and then you can switch. Once you start getting good with the rope, your athleticism will start to blossom. There is latent athleticism in every person who has not trained with a rope. If you put the reps in with the rope, you will be a better athlete.

So, that's our Underhand Race and Chase.



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