Hi, David Weck here. Today I'm going to teach you an exercise with the RMT Rope called The Sneak. It looks like this, and it's incredibly challenging, but we're going to break it down for you so hopefully you can get this. With practice, most people will actually be able to get this movement. Looks like this, here.

Ok, so now, time to break this down. Like I said from the beginning, this is an extremely challenging move and so you don't want to get frustrated in the process of learning it, it can be very difficult to learn. It can take a number of days, with practice, to even get one. But once you get one, you've got it. And once it's under your belt, you have tremendous athletic potential unleashed. Your hands are now connected to the center of your body, rooted to and from the ground in every position.

So, here's how we do it. We do it without the rope in hand and it's three fundamental positions. If I'm going to start on my right side, here, I'm going to have my right leg forward, that's going to give me room to get the hand behind. So, the hand positions are as follows, palms together, so it's a clap. Then both palms facing back, and I call that a slap. And then a wrap, where the backs of the hands come together. So it looks like this: It's clap, slap, wrap. My palms together, circle with the palms together. Come across to a slap, and then go to the wrap, right here where the backs of the hands come together. You have to get the coordination with those rotations if you're going to get this move. And so really mastering it, it's clap, slap, wrap, and over, clap, slap, wrap. So you start envisioning this down-up as if a rope were moving. Clap, palms together. Slap, both palms face back. And then wrap, backs of the hands. I'll do it from this side. So it's clap, palms together. Slap, both palms facing back. Wrap, back of the hands come together. And then voom, down.

So, what we do is we start this movement from back here, from our wrap position. And what you do is you drill out, so you drill out, you drill out and you just bring the rope here. So we start from back, here, one hand is crossed behind, the other hand is here, and we come over. You really have to drill this hand that's wrapped across, drill it down and over. That's the hardest part of the move. So we start there. We're going to start with that, we're going to come over to the clap position here, both palms together, the rope is going to loop. So it's going to loop and when it loops we go to that slap, where both palms are facing back, here. And then we come to the wrap, that's where that other hand comes behind. This hand here comes from the slap and it just comes across, all it does is this. So it's still figure eight with this hand, figure eight, and then figure eight, and figure eight.

So I know it's complicated, hard to learn on video, but really go back to this clap, slap, wrap, and then start the move back here, in this position right here, and it's over, there, there, and there. You don't want to try to pick the rope up too high, that's going to take you out of the timing. So it's basically here, here, and just there. And then it's from here, you wait just an instant, and boom. So it goes here, here, and here. Here, here, here. Here, here, here.

It can be extremely frustrating and difficult to learn but give it a shot, send in messages if I can help you in any way. Shoot your videos, post them, practice that move, because when you get it, trust me, it is worth it. We call that move The Sneak and it really does give you this incredible ability to drill down, boom, boom, boom, so that you have total control over the center of gravity over your base of support, with the hands moving all around. So it will make you a better MMA fighter, make you a better baseball player, make you at volleyball, make you better at any sport you want to play and you'll just be really, really athletically intelligent overall, so you'll pick up new sports easier as well. So balance, rhythm, timing, etc., right-left balance, that's The Sneak [Balance Training].