Hi, David Weck here. In this video, I'm going to show you how to use the RMT Club to help prepare your body to exercise, and for myofascial relief. One of the advantages of the club is that we can do this very quickly, and efficiently so that you can get right to working out [Functional Strength Training].

Now, we're going to be using the knob of the club, and the head of the club with it's shifting weight. I'm going to show you two great ways to really attack problem areas using the knob of the club.

One is the "glute" medius. That's the muscle 'here.' It does 3 things: it abducts, it flexes, and it extends. It's often time very tight and restricted, and releasing it will make a world of difference for your hip. So, I'm going to take the club and I'm going to create leverage. One hand on the head, one hand on the handle halfway. I'm going to take the knob of the club, and I'm going to apply pressure into the "glute" medius. What I'll want to do is I'll want to release the pressure in the leg 'here' so I'm not weighting it as I do it. I don't have my weight in that leg where I'm working it. I just work in, and I find those problem areas. Just give it that nice myofascial massage, and see what you did. You'll feel much less restricted very quickly.

Another area is the pec minor. Releasing the pec minor does wonders for posture, for shoulder function, everything. So now, I'm going to take the club, I'm going to find that position right inside of my shoulder, and I'm just going to create pressure inward with the knob of the club. I'll let 'this' arm just be free 'here,' and I'll protract my shoulder so I can really get into the pec minor. I can move the club like 'this' to go up and down, and now, a lot less restricted.

So, those are two ways we use the knob. Again, it's just very quick. You can do this and get a nice release so that you can get right into exercising.

Another way that we do it is percussion. Using the club head because it's flexible, and that shifting weight inside let's us percuss the body. Now, the Chinese have been doing this type of thing for thousands of years. It's a fantastic way to really activate and energize your body, breakup fascial adhesions, get the blood pumping in those areas, and really be ready to workout. You'll also learn how to reflexively contract those muscles so that they're very powerful. So, one of the ways we like to do it in combination with that pec minor release, is we'll swing it side to side, and create a percussion in the back of the shoulder. Right inside of the deltoid, and I'm just side to side, nice percussion. So, I've released the front with the knob. I've activated and released the back with the club head. That's a fantastic way to do it.

Another way to do it, is if the IT band is tight for example. Unlike when I'm pressing into the "glute" medius with the knob, what I want to do here is I want to weight the leg, and put my weight on it, and I want to gently pulse and tap. I'll go at whatever intensity feels right for me. I'll just tap, pulsing my weight down into it, and if I want to, I can get more aggressive if my body can handle it, and you'll feel energized, activated, and ready to go.

So, you can do it at whatever level is appropriate for you. You can pick any body part to work on. I showed you the pec minor and the "glute" medius. Those are just simple, and often time problematic areas. The club head with it's shifting weight gives us the perfect stimulus that doesn't hurt us, but rather fortifies us, and prepares us for exercise. It makes you a whole lot tougher and more powerful.