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Hi, David Weck here coming to you from Crossfit 619 in San Diego, CA. Today, I'm going to talk to you about how to help remedy a wrist injury. Odds are, if you train hard, if you do any punching or if you do activities outside, you've probably hurt your wrist at some point in time.

Here's how you fix it:

Don't start with the wrists; explore up north of the wrist because, oftentimes, an injury in the wrist is going to cause trauma to the muscles up in your forearm which have long tendons that go all the way to the fingers. When the forearms muscles are stuck up here, you're going to limit the range of motion and that will cause pain in the wrist. So you go north of the wrist, extensors are on the outside, flexors on the inside. Here's what you do: use a litamin, a lanolin or vitamin E, you put it on there for lubrication and now you make heat. You create friction; make it super hot and now you explore your forearm with your thumb.

I have a friend who's a breakdancer and hurt his wrists and couldn't do his breakdancing. What we did is we follow this procedure. We found the sweet spot, which was right here in his forearm in his case, and we worked that out. You massage across, you massage with the grain and you just simply find the pain and make it go away. You're going to find an uncomfortable spot and now you get in there.

Pain is weakness leaving your body, just remember that. Don't go too far, but just dig in and make it go away. Odds are, you're going to create instant relief through your wrist when you find the right spot in your forearm, if there's that connection.

Next thing to do, now that you've done the forearm massage and you've created a little bit of motion in your wrists, is that you do the same process of creating heat on your wrists. It's two things, it's pain-free range of motion and then tremendous tension through the hands in pain-free range of motion. I like to squeeze the hand and extend the fingers. This is an exceptionally good way to really make the hand and the forearm connected and strong. When you find that position and you use extreme tension, it's an internal tension, through a pain-free range of motion, that's going to juice the joints and make the connective tissue very strong.

The problem with the wrist injury is that it doesn't get a lot of blood flow, so it oftentimes won't heal. If you don't fix it right away, it can linger and sometimes it can last for a long, long time. By attacking it right away in this manner, creating that heat, creating that release and then creating that pain-free range of motion, those should help tremendously to put you on the path to full recovery from a wrist injury (Also try out our Carpal Tunnel Exercises for Wrist Pain Relief)

It worked for my breakdancer friend, it worked for me several times and it's worked for many of the clients who I've helped over the years. So try it out for yourself if you have or have had a wrist injury. Try it out, see how it works for you. Leave your comments on social media, we'd love to hear your feedback and help you more. Tune in next time for more tips, David Weck signing off, in balance and strength.

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