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How's it going everybody? This is Ja and today I'm going to be showing you guys the Forward Club Lunge with the RMT Club.

What we're doing [with this functional exercise], similar to a baseball bat, take the dominant hand and choke down on the grip, as we move our secondary hand up and down. You can move it up for greater control over the club, or down for more advance movements.

What we're going to be doing when we're starting out is to start it around the middle of the club so that we're able to really test ourselves. What this exercise does is it helps us stabilize the upper and lower body and get them moving in unison.

So how we're going to start out with the motion is: we bring the club to about solar plexus level (club head will be right about eye level), the arms straight out, and keep the club centered. Then we're going to come straight back [with the club] to right around where are our triceps meet, right between our shoulder blades. And bring it to a lunge position forward. So as you're coming up cocking it in the back, be sure to take a deep breath in, and as we come down into the lunge, a nice steady controlled movement and a big exhale.

Now let's just do a few motions on each side. One thing about this is that as we're doing the motions, the RMT Club will let us know if we're moving optimally [because of the dynamic feedback from the internal shifting weight inside of the club head]. So let's switch to the other leg, hands in the same position. A nice slow and controlled movement with the club.

And what we can do to keep both sides of the body unified [and for non-dominant side training] is to switch to our non-dominant hand and do the same thing. Keep the breaths nice and controlled and maintain a controlled movement. You should be feeling it in the quads, just like your traditional lunge, and your hamstrings. But what this is doing is bring your triceps into play. That's the Forward Club Lunge with the RMT Club. I'm Ja, thanks for watching.

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About the Author: Originally from Brooklyn, NY (currently residing in San Diego, CA) Ja has a deep passion for fitness and acquiring new knowledge whether it be modalities, equipment, or nutritional standards as they relate to human fitness. He first became involved with human movement through playing tennis, but later in life developed a need to fight his own insecurity of being too skinny. He has shifted once again to simply focus on being healthy and remembering not to take the fun out of fitness by being too strict. He enjoys fitness and helping others find a way to enjoy it as well. You can contact him by email at

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