Hi, David Weck here. In this video, I'm going to be teaching you three traveling exercises with the RMT Club. That means we're moving across the floor. You can sequence these three exercises together for an exercise block within your workout, or you can do them individually as you see fit.

The first exercise we'll be doing is the "low side to side swing." Then a "swing and switch with sudden deceleration." And then "rotational lunges."

To perform the low side to side swing, we're going to do this: We're going to get the pattern of the side to side swing, and then we're going to move as we draw the club back in the opposite direction that we're traveling. So, it's an athletic shuffle going back and forth with your movement. So, I'm going to connect it to the swing of the club. That's the low side to side swing. Do both sides, both directions.

The next exercise we'll be doing is the swing and switch with sudden deceleration. You want the club to the side of the forward leg. You're going to move forward swinging and switching using sudden deceleration. You'll get to 'there.' You'll switch hands, and you'll travel with that swing and switch.

The next exercise we'll be performing are rotational lunges. Here's the pattern with the club: You're going to draw it overhead, and rotate to chamber it down. Rotate side to side with the club with 'this' pattern. You're going to rotate to the side of the forward lunging leg. You're going to come up and rotate. Rotate. Rotate. And then you're going to switch hands. Same thing. Rotate to the opposite side of the forward lunging leg. Those are rotational lunges.

A great way to fit this exercise into your workout is to do 15 repetitions with the right hand on top, 15 repetitions with the left hand on top. Then rest, or do another exercise, and then come back and do another set with 15 reps with the left hand on top, and then 15 reps with the right hand on top. We like to switch that dominant and non-dominant side relationship to give you more skill in acquiring that movement efficiency with the non-dominant side [Non-Dominant Side Training®]. You'll find that the non-dominant side gets better. We like to do at least two rounds like that so we can create that switch. But, we do three, we do four, but you do whatever you want in terms of number of repetitions, but we recommend 15 repetitions each side.




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