At WeckMethod, we are unapologetically obsessed with everything rotational. When it comes to human movement, we believe that rotational movements are faster and more powerful, and with the addition of Rotational Intent, we can take classic exercises and make them more effective and efficient. In recent years, Anti-Rotation training has become extremely popular, and is now a cornerstone for many core-strengthening protocols used today.

The classic Anti-Rotation exercise is commonly known as the Pallof Press. This exercise is done by establishing good, athletic posture, with the spine stabilized in a neutral position, and extending the hands away from the chest while holding on to a band and resisting a lateral force. This exercise challenges the frontal plane, and teaches practitioners to maintain a stable, neutral spine.

Before going any further it is important to clarify that we at WeckMethod appreciate the value of a stable lumbar, and a solid/sturdy cervical spine. That being said, we believe that the most efficient movements are initiated with thoracic rotation,and for that reason we aim to use the Coiling Core to initiate everything we do. In order to intensify the Pallof Press, and increase its effectiveness, we need simply add “Rotational Intent".

To do this, we can begin in the same position as we do in the traditional Pallof Press, with the feet square, spine neutral, and the hands at center chest. With the same line of intent, and your eyes straight ahead, initiate extension by “steering" both hands toward the rack/band as if your hands were a screwdriver, and aim to finish in a fully extended, baseball-swing type position. When first attempting this exercise, it is important to keep the shoulders away from the ears, and maintain a long, stable cervical spine. With this small adjustment, it is easy to feel the power of the Coiling Core, and it is possible to activate core muscles on a deeper level through full rotational range. We call this exercise a “ScrewDriver Press", and it can be done from a variety of positions and angles.

In order to fully “WeckMethodize" a movement like the Pallof Press, we can apply “Limit Force Elastic" training concepts, and unlock new levels of strength through a full range of rotation. In order to find the Limit Force, we will first adjust the starting position. To take full advantage of the Coiling Core, we will use a split stance.

With the near foot forward, grab the band with both hands already steered, as if the band were a baseball bat. As you extend your arms, aim to steer both hands toward the rack, and aim to turn your “baseball swing" into a “golf swing". Our focus during limit-force training is to maintain our best possible posture as we stretch the band as far as we can. When we find the limit, we try to funnel all tension to the coil by adding Rotational Intent, or steering our hands toward the front foot, as we bring that hip up and forward.

Limit Force Elastic training can be used to prime for athletic movement, and is the ultimate way to find full ranges of rotational power, and is the cornerstone of WeckMethod core training.

At WeckMethod, we appreciate the value of all different types of training. If you have used the Pallof Press and found success with it, we aren't recommending that you cut it out entirely. What we are proposing is that you try our methods for yourself! Expose yourself to WeckMethod Coiling Core

Training and find out for yourself how training through full ranges of rotation can unlock athleticism and make your core stronger and more stable than ever!