David Weck here, and I"m going to teach you a Coiling Core Traveling Lunge. Now, the key to the Coiling Core is harnessing the full power of the lat (one lat at a time). We get down deeper into the lat than any other way we train, and it's a very very simple formula.

'This' side of the body stays the same. That's the spot, about where the 9th rib is. Now I bring the shoulder down and back, same side hip up and forward. That's basically what it is. Get really good at that, get very powerful, "farm boy strong," "first to the finish" fast. So when you're sprinting, the idea is that you have to land Head Over Foot. When you do that, as you coil the core, you land head over foot, and then you 'boom,' coil to the side, and that's your root for rotation. The most powerful rotation as you can develop. And you'll be able to pack your back tighter and brace harder [Rotational Movement Training].

So here's what it looks like: I'm going to take the elastic band and I'm going to put in an elastic stretch here. I'm going to take this part of the forearm and I'm going to bring it over so it's touching 'this' part of my head (not the back, not the side, but in between), so I'm going to be here holding the elastic. Then I'm going to stretch the band low so that my shoulder is going down and back and my hip goes up and forward. Notice when I do that, that my head is over the foot here. So this lunge is going to look like this. I'm going to setup on the ball of my foot. I'm going to match the angle of my spines with my shins, and I'm going to coil to maximum. So I'm contracting that lat to maximum. And when I do that, systemically, it feels effortless. It's not in your quads, it's not in your knees, you'll feel like you can do an entire mile because t's good for your balance, and great for you to take charge of your whole body with the lat including the portion that links the upper body to the lower body that you're not going to get any other way.

So here's what it looks like: You'll probably want to start in that lunge position. And then it's this coiling action. You really want to squeeze that lat hard. Now, I'm going to come up, and then come up high to switch the foot, and now I'm going to land with the coil. I drive up with the coil, I come here, and now I come down with it. You're balance won't be as good as mine at first when you first start it, but that coiling action enhances your balance like nothing else you've felt before. And you're going to feel this very powerful drive of rotation because 'this' part of your back and the lats deep in that fascia origin becomes like your feet. Like I said, the ball of your foot, movement, all posterior, but still feels effortless. And so I'll do it on the same side so you can see what I'm doing from the other side here.

So, very important that I get 'this' part right 'here'. And that's a little isometric tension. So I'm going to get that. Now, I'm going to take 'this' and drive it down so my scapula is coming down and back, my hip comes up and forward in that lunge position, and the side of my body stays the same. When I keep the side 'here', I'm getting the proper proportion of side bending with counter rotation, and if I'm running straight, the center of gravity is going straight by keeping that central axis about which we're going to rotate.

So, from the opposite perspective here, you'll see this is my long side, and I'm setting up the lunge. And the more I contract into that lat, 'boom', and I like landing low. You don't have to land as low. You can put it 'here' and come into it, but what I like to do is land it low and come up. Land it, and come up. And like I said, when you get good at that, you can do it for a mile. So what I tell my athletes, I want you to learn effortless power, and then put maximum effort on top of the effortless power. It's not about making things harder, it's about making things more efficient. More powerful. And that's how we increase the output with minimal input. And then just put maximum input to create maximum output.

So that's your Coiling Core Traveling Lunge with the elastic band.



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