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This is a shoulder stability and mobility drill using the RMT Club, it's an Overhead Stretch. I'm going to be using the 8 pound club to really open my chest and shoulders and really get that thoracic extension. You can use a lighter club if necessary.

To begin this, I'm going to be using a split grip. I want to draw the club up overhead to a comfortable range of motion and I want to exhale as I'm coming up, so it's a reverse breathing. I want to flatten my back; if I inhale and create that lumbar extension, I'm not isolating the shoulder opening. I want to exhale as I draw it overhead and really get that good, open stretch.

You can apply a pressure where you're pulling the club back and really stretch for the top hand by placing some isometric pressure there with the other hand. You can go very slow, make sure you're not arching your lower back and now I'll add just a bit of rotation to it. I'll come to the side with the club in the starting position, bring it overhead, rotate my torso, bring the club back down, and repeat. This way I'm getting that thoracic extension with the thoracic rotation and really opening it up.

You'll want to use a switch grip so that you're getting the equal stretch on both sides. Pay attention to which side you may need it more. It's a fantastic exercise for really opening and expanding the chest, creating a lot more range of motion through the shoulders and helping you stand up taller in your day.

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