Limit Force Elastics Training™ is one of the many ways WeckMethod strength training programs differ from traditional routines. The use of elastic resistance to “prime" for big lifts, jumps, and sprints makes unlock your athletic potential within a training session. We define priming as any type of training done with the specific goal of achieving potentiation.

Potentiation is a popular and proven concept in performance training and refers to the short-term effects of high intensity resistance training on the nervous system. By exposing the body to high amounts of resistance, it is possible to induce a higher level of performance indicators in subsequent tasks, a phenomenon that can last multiple minutes. At WeckMethod, we prime by stretching elastics to limit force with specific rotational intent, a form of training known as “Limit Force Elastics™" or LFE™. We use elastics for this type of training because their resistance increases exponentially when stretched, providing overspeed feedback and making rubber bands the fastest form of resistance known to man. LFE training™ involves stretching elastic bands or compressing elastic balls to limit force for short, intense durations, supercharging the nervous system and tapping into the body's maximum power potential almost instantly.

Limit Force Training™ is by no means the only way to use elastics when strength training, and at WeckMethod we advocate the use of bands for adding accommodating resistance to traditional weightlifting movements for a number of reasons. Elastic Bands are a great tool for strength training because they work with the strength curve, challenging each joint angle progressively. Bands have been used extensively by some of the strongest powerlifters in history to build speed-strength, and when moving bands explosively, they offer something known as “overspeed eccentrics". This type of explosive band training can make someone extremely strong and explosive, and can also result in an increase in muscle soreness for those not accustomed to explosive elastic training.

Limit Force Elastics Training™ is in no way meant to be a substitute for traditional elastic strength training. Rather, LFE is meant to be a quick, valuable addition to your existing strength program, and when done correctly will lead to an increase in lifting performance while also increasing the efficiency of your current routine. Incorporating short-duration, high-intensity elastic primes between your strength-building sets not only taps into your nervous system for peak performance, it also instills focus, and when done consistently can help educate proper lifting form over time. By avoiding all eccentric actions, LFE training™ allows you to find the limit of your power without sacrificing subsequent performance or inducing high levels of muscle soreness. Because of this, Limit Force Elastic Training can be used often, and at WeckMethod, we use LFE™ in all phases of performance training, even in-season. One of the other advantages of LFE training™ is its efficiency. LFE™ Primers can be as short as five seconds, and most take little to no time to set up, allowing you to implement these methods into your current program without the need to sacrifice other training means.

If your main goal overall strength in the weight room, LFE training™ can also be looked at as a technique-builder. Compressing the Bosu to prime for traditional strength movements such as squats, deadlifts, or cleans can actually cue your Adductor Magnus to work as a hip extensor, the way it is intended. This is a huge muscle and is commonly underactive when doing traditional strength-training movements. Compression training also works to improve foot/ankle mobility and can be a valuable educator of proper foot-function. Consistent use of the Bosu Elite as a squat/deadlift primer teaches you to use your whole body as a unit and makes it easy to adjust and correct form when training on a flat surface.

Strength can be defined in a number of ways, but it is always expressed through the hands/feet. Whether your goal is a bigger deadlift, higher bat speeds, or bigger jumps, priming with Limit Force Elastics™ will get you there faster. Mobility, Explosiveness, Balance, and Technique will always be vital components to performance, and WeckMethod LFE training remains one of the fastest ways to unlock your potential in every category.


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