Hey, Chris Daly here from S10 Fitness. I am currently at WeckMethod and we are going to be doing a quick little intro on practical application of the BOSU Elite to a standard barbell back squat [Compression Strength Training]. So, David kind of brought me in here to get some feedback on what's an easy way to prime prepare for one of the most traditional movements in all of weight lifting. So, everybody is like, "I want a better squat," "I want bigger legs, stronger legs," this that and the other thing, so they squat. But, think of all the hours and preparation that goes into something of that caliber. What do you do as a weight lifter, or what do you do as an athlete to get yourself to do some heavier weight lifting or more challenging movements?

Normally, you have your standard back squat. Everybody knows what it looks like. You can reference any possible video on YouTube. But, what I've noticed recently is the practical application of using the BOSU (Elite) to prime myself for something of this caliber.

Now normally, you have a myriad of exercises, like body weight squats, stretching, some hamstring recruitment type things, and just practice squatting up on the way over. With the BOSU Elite, what I'm looking at is how do I get my legs to fire at almost near max capacity, without any real vertical load on the neck. So what I'm trying to do is wake up the whole body, from the lower portion, before I get over there to actually start squatting. So rather than test out on 135 (lbs.), I can pretty sure make sure my legs feel 100% here, and then go over and get the job done.

So, what we're going to look at is, you have a standard barbell back squat, and then I'm going to merry it to the BOSU Elite Compression Squat. So I'm not going to squat traditionally as narrow as we would stand on the BOSU Elite because its design is to develop recruitment and the relationship from the leg muscles so I can squat more effectively over there. So, if I take this standard position with the BOSU Elite squat, for me the most comfortable, not necessarily with my heels almost together, I have a little room, but I'm still focusing on those green dots. I'm still ok with the outside of the foot. The great cue for squatting anyways, is most people will tell you to spread the floor. And what David cultivated here still has application even to the heaviest deadlifts.

So, what I'm looking at is, I will begin my decent, but I will start with a good glute contraption which is pretty easily achievable on something of this caliber. So I start in that hard compressing position. And I start lowering my levels, and all I'm looking for with this is just to get everything online. Which for right now, you pretty much can. Find that balance point. And then ultimately what you're trying to do now is compress really really hard, and then come up through the whole movement to get the glutes to fire. And then I'm going to go back down for a few more. Compressing, compressing, you can see I'm shaking. And then I'm crushing, crushing, crushing the whole time. And then I bring it down one last time, and then I'm crushing it up.

So now, that tells me that this is on, this is on, this is definitely on. The big movement is the squat. So I would go over, and I'd set up for my traditional back squat position. Take my grip, and now, I'd feel pretty balanced. Ready? Then, what I'd want is to maintain that relationship and go from there. And that's ice cold, haven't done a rep in days. But for me, a pretty good way to get everything fired early, so you don't miss any reps on the way up, waste any strength, and start getting what's really going on early, and how to faster linear progression with real working weight. It has a massive carry over. Massive benefits. And it'd be a great thing to do on your preset, on your "building up" sets, and then leave it alone for the heavier sets.

So, "easy peezy", rather than "I have to do my lunges, I have to do my glute bridges, I have to get this on, this on, every foam roller on earth, which I still encourage, but, pretty quick, everybody is online, test it out, and then you start jumping up the ladder like you normally would.



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