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One of the things we like to do with RMT Club exercises is add movement to create traveling exercises. The exercise I'm going to show you right now is the Traveling Lunge with Rotation. The RMT Club is going to add precision and accuracy to give you an enhanced functional component to these traveling exercises.

Let's break the exercise down: What we want to do in this particular exercise is keep a frame with the club. We want to hold the club perfectly vertical and then we want to create a unified rotation opposite of the forward lunging leg. We create this counter rotation in the body, it's very smooth and it's very controlled. Because your hands are stacked one over the other in the center line maintaining this frame, it really is going to add precision to your rotational ability.

Let's break this down in terms of how I'm doing it. I want to experience balance every step of the way. I begin with an overhead raise. I have a split grip so that I have tremendous club control. I bring the club up overhead without arching my back. I bring the leg up, balanced on one leg, and lunge forward into a full, completed lunge, so I have great balance. Now, I really want to activate the internal rotation of this forward leg as I rotate with that counter rotation. I don't want to open up the leg as I rotate, I want to keep the leg in line right here in the sagittal plane. I want to rotate, counter rotate, bring it back, and come up to balance. Really consider not just the lunge in the down position, but consider it balanced in the up position. Come down with balance in the down position, really root it, and then come to the rotation.

Go as slow as necessary to really nail the exercise and maintain your balance throughout. The club, like I said, is just going to add a lot of precision, give you that counter weight ability and the proprioceptive feedback that will make the exercise more challenging and more productive. That's our traveling lunge with rotation.

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