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Feeling the weight shift in your swing is imperative to getting the efficiency back into the ball and impact. This is a great exercise to feel that load on both sides, your right and your left, in your golf swing [to help with non-dominant side training].

What we're going to do is we're going to get into a one legged position with your back leg down for added stability. From this position, you're going to take a backswing about halfway back so that the RMT Club is perpendicular with the ground and then bring it back to center. You can hear the shot, so you want to bring it up, let that settle and then bring it back to center. After about ten of those on one side, you're going to want to switch legs and repeat the same motion. We start again from the center and then go up to the left. See how the weight is shifting to the left leg as you bring the club up to the left side.

Now for a little bit added instability that's going to add stability to your golf swing, we're going to be doing this while standing on only one leg. If you feel like that's not so hard for you with the foot down, try raising that back leg and doing the same exercise. That's really going to work these glutes that are so important in preventing that sway or slide in your form. Try that for more stability in your lower body.

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