Hi, David Weck here. Today I'm going to teach you a functional exercise using the RMT Club. These are the two-pounders which means that I can go very fast. Here's the exercise and then we'll break it down. So what I'm doing is I'm targeting with precision and I'm working with full power and commitment. Because of the flexible nature of the club head, we can impact it.

So here's the exercise:

I start with both clubs up, I'm going to arc the clubs down behind me, flex at the hips and the knees to create that impact. It's just this short squatting motion and then again with full commitment to a strike. I want to get right on the center line and I don't want to hit my own legs. I don't want to round my back over and I want to create that great position.

Now from here, I'm going to pronate, which is turning to the thumb. I'm in the back, now I pronate to the center line and I hit with maximum impact. After that, I cycle the two impacts. I want to harness the momentum of that movement and just cycle it through. It turns into cardio real quick. Your grip strength and your forearms become ridiculously strong with great endurance and that's going to help you with other WeckMethod functional training applications later, as well as other things, but especially as we tie all this training together into [your] running technique.

Two pound clubs are the way to start with for that exercise. You won't hurt your shoulders because of the weight, you can go very fast and it is so much fun and effective for functional strength.

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