One of the questions we get is "Which RMT Club should I get? The 2, 4, 6, or 8 pound Club?" In this video, I'm going to give you the information you need to make the best choice for you. Which Club (or set of Clubs) you'll want to get. If you're in doubt at all, the 4 pound Club is the "go-to" Club. You can train anybody from the entire spectrum of beginners, all the way to elite athletes 250 pounds and heavier [Functional Strength Training].

What it does is it gives us these unique advantages of the RMT Club which is that shifting weight that gives us the feedback to do very complex patterns. Learn them quickly and then continue to perfect them beyond what would be possible without the shift.

It's very safe so this allows us to do what we want to do with the RMT Club which is to move it fast. We want to swing it, accelerate it, decelerate it, change direction, fluid deceleration as fast as we possibly can to get the power. And the weight inside, when we can stop it on a dime, because as you're swinging it, the weight rests on the backside. And that creates no inertia for the stop. So it's not a slow stop, it's an extremely fast stop. And the weight a split second later, boom! It smashes against the other side and it gives you that jolt of force that makes you more powerful. And that's really what it's all about.

So the 4 pound Club is our "go-to" Club. It's the one that we use most here. And it's the one that we recommend the most. Now, for the 2 pound Club, this is perfect for youth. If you're 12 and under and you really want to make sure you're keeping it safe, the 2 pound is the "go-to." It doesn't have the same degree of that shifting weight, so the shift is not as heavy (so it's gentle on the joints), and you really have to find it with smooth precision - which for a beginner is very important (growing joints are taking form). You want to make sure that the fluidity and the movement is absolutely perfect. And that's what this allows you to do.

This is also for sports specific stuff. For golf, when you really want to swing with speed, or throwing in baseball for example. The 2 pound Club allows me to move extremely fast, the 2 pound Club. So, very safe, and very fast.

Now, the 6 pound Club, obviously it's heavier than the 4 pound Club, but the differential in 2 pounds is huge. And the reason for that is because the RMT Club is specifically designed for the lightest possible handle that it can have, and all of the weight in the Club head. So it's not a balanced implement. It's purposely unbalanced so that the leverage effect, this is a lot of work to hold just 6 pounds, a lot of work here to hold 6 pounds. So, for people who are really wanting to develop that strength of the forearms, the wrists, to develop great strength with it, the 6 pound Club will do that, and the 8 pound Club will really do it. I mean that's like really hard for me to do, to hold the Club just like 'that'. Really hard for me to do. And we will strategically use the 6 and the 8 pound Clubs to enhance our ability to do the 4 pound Club for example.

So if I do a simple move with a certain amount of speed here, where I come here, and I bring it here and here, here, here, you can see, that same move with the 8 pound Club is slower. It requires more strength to do that. Now, as I build that dynamic strength, and I come back to the 4 pound Club, the result is, I can now swing this even faster. So now it's boom, boom, boom. So I can get more out of the 4 pound Club if I strategically train with the 6 and the 8 pound Club if I really want to take that athleticism to the next level.

Let me assure you, if you're just looking to get fit, move better, and feel that primal power of swinging a club, the 4 pound Club is all you need. The 8 pound Club and the 6 pound Club, these will also "tell the truth" with how smooth your patterns are. Because it feels heavier than "8 pounds." It feels much heavier than any other 8 pound club. It feels extremely heavy, but with that weight all positioned at the end, now I'm really going to know how well do I have the pattern. For example, for when I go back to the 4 pound Club, now I can move it even faster knowing that the groove is there. Because what we want to do is we want to move in this perfect harmony, balance, from center, to the floor, all the way expressed through the hands, and clean transmission of force through all the joints - so I can run, throw, hit, all things faster, and better.

So, if you have further questions, reach out to us. If you have a specific goal and you're not sure, you can ask more questions. But I hope this information was useful to give you the information to get the RMT Club that's going to be right for you.


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