As the fitness industry continues to evolve, it needs the products that can help push performance further and provide industry leaders with new ways to effectively produce results and better people's lives. The RMT® Club was designed to do exactly that. This all-in-one functional strength training tool's unique design is made for everyone and can be used anywhere to enhance agility, coordination, rotation, conditioning, and so much more. The RMT® Club offers more than just exercise for exercise's sake. It allows users to educate their bodies to move with more integration, strength, and intelligence. It also connects dynamic, continuous movement patterns through different planes of motion to improve mobility, flexibility, and fluidity and it creates continuity between your dominant and non-dominant side to increase overall performance, minimize deficiencies, and reduce injuries. The RMT® Club is the functional strength training equipment that gives people what they want AND what they need

The RMT® Club is as portable and space efficient as it is versatile, making it ideal for gym use, home use, or taking it on the road. Because of its unique design and training effects, this functional training equipment can be used by any fitness level and any age without the need to change weights or exercises, allowing everyone to achieve results and making it a go to training tool for group classes, one-on-one training, or individual use.

The RMT® Club also lends itself to sport specific training and is used by both professional players and coaches in virtually every sport. Like most sports, and swing sports in particular, power, rotation, balance, coordination, fluidity, and mobility are essential to playing your best. That is exactly what the RMT® Club delivers. This functional strength training tool has the ability to improve these essential movements simultaneously and individually. The RMT® Club was recently named “Best Fitness Equipment for Golfers" by Golf Digest magazine and is used by top PGA coaches and players. The RMT® Club serves as the perfect golf training aid and fitness tool and is used by top professionals, amateurs, and everybody in between.

The RMT® Club is comprised of a strong, upright fixed handle attached to a round, flexible and durable club head. Inside the Club head is dynamic shifting weight. The RMT® Club comes in weight options of two, four, six, and eight pounds, concentrated primarily in the Club head. It is approximately twenty-one inches tall with a club head diameter of six inches. We recommend starting with the four pound club and while four pounds may not seem like a lot, because of the nature of the club, how the weight is distributed, and the way the club is used, it gives the effect of a heavier weight. Even NFL players have found the four pound club challenging.

All of these features come together to give the RMT® Club a distinct advantage over other training tools. The RMT® Club's shifting weight creates audible feedback during movement patterns, promoting timing, coordination, and fluidly as well as helping to find and lock in the right positions during the exercise. The shifting weight also creates dynamic feedback when changing directions to engage your entire body and build rotational power. The RMT® Club's flexible head is durable and can absorb impact. This feature allows people to move quicker without that fear of injury and can be used for high impact training. The Club's handle promotes a greater range of motion and allows the user to connect multiple movement patterns simultaneously. The Club handle positions the user's hands one over the other allowing for more diversity in exercise application and the ability to switch hands during exercises to strengthen and improve both sides of the body.

This tool can serve a number of different people, regardless of age or ability, in a number of different ways, with real effect. Functional, portable, durable, versatile, this tool gives you exactly what you need to perform better universally.

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