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Hey, David Weck here, I'm at Combat Athlete training systems in San Diego and today I'm doing the Heavy Bag Hit with the RMT® Club.

Benefits in this exercise One: it is satisfying, cathartic and you feel amazing when you do it. Two: high-intensity exercise, you're going to spike that heart rate way up high and Three: is you develop total body unity, strength and power with both sides to the body [non-dominant side training], and that's the key.

We're going to start out dominant side first so we can really get a gauge on what feels the best and then we're going to compare that, in terms of how it feels, how it sounds and, if you videotape it, how it looks. Key to this is technique, so don't swing out of your shoes at first. You still want technique even though we're going be hitting it hard. You can watch another one of my tips on how to master the Check Swing so that you get this total body unity of rotation, so the whole side is Boom! You're rotating and connecting the hips, the shoulders, everything with unity. All I'm going to do is five hits right side and then I'm going to go on the left side and I'm going to compare them.So you can target club, here we've got these neat little targets on bag. If the bag is spinning, maybe you're hitting it with a little rotation, don't worry about it.

Have fun, but don't swing out of your shoes. Everything's about balance in life. So here it goes and first stop, that's the dominant side. Now I'm going to compare and contrast it to the non-dominant side, I'm going to sit at targeting. How does it feel, how does it sound and. if you videotaping it, how does it look. Amazing exercise I did 10 reps with a little bit a break in between, my heart's beating, sweat's starting to drip. You can interval that in between other exercises [hiit training], and like I said, makes you feel amazing. This thing [the RMT Club] it not going to damage a heavy bag if it's a quality bag, it's going to let you really unleash. Stay within your shoes, do it right, have fun. If you have questions, let me know. Check it out: RMT Club heavy bag hits.

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