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Hi I'm Nikki Metzger and today we're talking about elastic band exercises (Mini Bands)! Mini bands are awesome because they come in all different resistance. They're great for lateral movements, hip and glute activation, as well as shoulder stabilization. Today I'm going to show you two moves that target those outer thighs and those glutes.

So to get started, step into the mini band. You're going to place it right on the mid part of your calves. For both of these moves you can play around with the placement of the band for a different sensation. So your first move is a Walking Band Squat - You're going to start feet shoulders width apart, set back into that squat position (butt back, chest is up, toes are pointed forward, weight is in my heels) and I'm going to take a few steps to the side leading with my heel, while staying low. Stay low, Big step. Try not to come up. I'm going to get a few in one direction and switch it and take it over the other direction.

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If you want to get a little more of a cardio burst, same type of concept, you're going to feel it in those same muscles [you can do what we call Drop Squats] From here you're going to start with your feet together and you're going to jump those feet out, squat down (butt back, chest up) and then bring your feet back together. So it's a down, up, tight movement, really fighting that resistance.

Again, I love it. I love doing it for the booty. This will get you and you'll have fun while doing it!

About the Author: Nikki Metzger is a Nike Master Trainer, Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist and was just named Women's Health Magazines Next Fitness Star! She is the owner of BODI, a high intensity gym in Scottsdale Arizona. Her training methods are functional, effective and efficient and she thinks nothing is better than leaving a training session dripping in sweat and feeling awesome! | Facebook & Instagram: @nikkimetzger / @scottsdalebodi | Twitter: @nikkiBODI / @scottsdalebodi

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