The human body is fundamentally built upon spiral design and moves most efficiently in accord with spiral motion. The heart of who you are is in your DNA. This is the code that tells your bodies cells what shape and design to follow. This is the elemental parts that create you. It was a pivotal moment for humanity in 1953 when James Watson and Francis Crick discovered the structure of DNA.

The Double Helix design of DNA has led to advancements in medicine and unlocked the potential to map the entire human genome. The Double Helix DNA is a Spiral. It should come as no surprise that from this origin comes a cascade of larger components of body parts that are fundamentally Spiral in both form and function. The individual muscle fibers and filaments – the actin and myosin proteins – that contract and lengthen to move our bodies do so with Spiral Motion. The origin and insertions of your bodies muscles, tendons and ligaments are largely oriented spirally. Your biceps corkscrew into your forearm, which can be easily demonstrated by contracting your biceps and rotating your forearm.

Your joints move in three planes of motion most efficiently according to a complex combination within the three planes that describe a spiral. If you are a runner with proper running form, your hip joints flex and extend with a combination of internal and external rotation describing spiral motion. Pitchers who throw with an optimized spiral rotation from body/shoulder to hand and fingers don’t develop shoulder problems. Those who are off the perfect spiral tear up their shoulders. With all of this spiral design and function, you’d want to train your capacity to spiral most efficiently if you want to be the best athlete you can be. But how do you do this? By practicing unique exercises and drills that quickly and safely enable you to develop better spiral motion at the root of your fundamental muscle memory. This is where Spiraling™ comes in.