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Hi David Weck here. Today I'm going to teaching you an exercise we call the Dead Bug. I'll be using the BOSU Elite. I'll break it down as we go along.

First key to this is positioning. You have to find the correct position of balance from the dome. BOSU Elite has a Power Line that you'll be able to find a body reference and then maintain an "Oh okay, that's where I need to be on the dome". If I'm too far back on the dome, I can't maintain the position. If I'm too far forward on the dome, I can't keep the feet off. So play with it. And a quarter inch makes all the difference.

Now what I'm going to do to set it up is I'm going to go to the easiest possible version. Connect the hands with the legs, and now it's just about balance training. If I want to increase challenge, now I take them of, and now I can increase lever length. I like opposites where it's right hand, left leg. Right hand, left leg. And I want to maintain that balance point. I can go like this [arms and legs extended out] for a huge challenge, but the key is that you maintain this hollow position with your core, you don't let the back arch, like this, because that won't carry over well.

So when we come in here, another thing we like to do at WeckMethod, is medicine ball work in this position or our RMT Club. Where we're adding rotational forces. A medicine ball works great because there's improvisational nature to the exercise. The toss comes, it's not perfect, I have to do a counterweighted movement to get it back and throw it. An amazing exercise.

Now the key to this is I want to use as little effort as possible, as little tension throughout the rest of my body, except the core. Relaxing the face, breathing through the nose, so that when I stand up, the carryover effect that I have is very stable strong core capable of this opposite rotation with hips and shoulders. And it leaves the rest of my body in reserve to do whatever it is that I want to do better.

Dead Bug is a very powerful exercise. You'll find that it's a go to move that fits into any workout. Try it out and let us know how it works. Thanks.

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