Hi, I'm David Weck. Today, I'm going to teach you how to perform Goblet Squats using the BOSU Elite. It's all about the resistance and compression that creates these directional forces that enhance our adductors for flexion and extension [Balance Training]. They are powerful flexors and extensors, not just adductors, and we're able to harness the full power of our hips, posterior muscles balanced through the balls of your feet performing this exercise. You get immediate carry over effect. So, I'll show you some of the exercises we do immediately after doing these Compression Goblet Squats.

I set up with my feet turned out, 45 degrees. That's just turned out what's comfortable. Knees are going wide, and I begin to compress squeezing in and down on the dome with the 4th and 5th metatarsals squeezing the glutes, and I pull myself down matching the angle of my spines with my shins. The weight helps me come lower and keep the compression. It balances the hip flexors with the hip extensors. So, I'm just going to perform a few repetitions, squeezing in, and then firing the glutes on the way up, never losing that compression force. I'm really working to compress. It's slow and controlled, never losing that compressing effort. Right there.

Now, immediately after that exercise, you're going to feel light and you're going to feel the hip flexors and hip extensors easy to balance through the balls of the feet.

Here's an exercise that we'll perform immediately afterwards. So, I'm going to set up in a wide lunge. I'm going to hold the kettlebell with the hand pronated. My head is right over 'this' foot, and then I switch, and I switch, switching that movement. So, you can see here, balls of the feet, spine and shins are equal, and I'm getting full power of the haunch. As I do that, alternating sides, and that compression squat using the weight sets it up that my body just moves better on the ground.

So, that's our Compression Goblet Squat using the BOSU Elite.


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