Hi, David Weck here. Today, I'm going to teach you a bodyweight exercise we call the WeckMethod Step-Back Lunge w/ Rotation.

Now, the key to this exercise is we want to connect the ball of the foot with the haunch. That's the "glutes," and upper hamstrings. Conventional wisdom is we have to drive the heel to get the backside (the posterior). What we're doing is we're balancing through the ball of the foot to connect to the haunch so that we're more athletic.

Couple key cues for this: I'm going to position myself. Feet close together, step-back lunge position. I'm going to put the weight in the balls of my feet, and it's evenly spread both lateral and medial. Now, I'm going to step back, and there's no weight in my heel. My heel is floating about a quarter inch or half inch off the ground, and the key to this, how we're going to get it in the "glute," is matching the angle of the spine with with angle of the shin. When we have that congruency, we can get the "glute," and it's not quad dominant. If we're 'here,' it starts to get quad dominant in the knee. If we're matching that angle, we'll create this Tensional Balance in the body that really connects the haunch with the ball of the foot, and that's what we're all about here at WeckMethod .

Now, to really make this exercise super intensive in the haunch through the ball of the foot, we're going to rotate. So, we're going to take the hands, and pronate the front hand, and supinate and drill down the back hand. My head is right over my foot. I've got the spine and shin angle matched, and then I'm going to come up. So, I come back down and I feel that rotation. Head over foot, supinating the back hand to really drill the lat down, spine and shin the same, and come up. I don't want to feel quad dominant. I really want to feel that "glute." When I get all those cues correct, 'that's' where I'm going to get. And I like to do one side at a time to really concentrate and find that form before going to the other side. Once you get comfortable with the movement, you can alternate. One thing I'd recommend is to do between 8 and 15 repetitions, and really feel that connection to the "glute." Stop. Back up. Re-watch this video to get all the cues if you're not getting the glute. If it's quad dominant, it's wrong.

So, compared to a conventional lunge where we're driving through the heel, we're more upright, knee not going in front of the toe, 'this' also gets the glute, but it's through the heel, and it's a lot less athletic. I also put a lot less stress on the back leg through the hip flexor in the stretch. With this, WeckMethod style, very balanced on that ball of the foot, tensional balance, it's all in the haunch through the ball of the foot, and it's extremely athletic.

So, like I said, between 8 and 15 repetitions. Really find it, really feel it, really connect it, and it's a great way to really enhance your overall movement skills. It's just a great exercise to lift that butt. Who doesn't want a better butt? For athletes, it's about performance, for regular people it's about aesthetics. You get a better butt, you're more athletic .. with the WeckMethod Step-Back Lunge w/ Rotation.