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Hi I'm Nikki Metzger and today I'm going to demo a BOSU Side Lunge. This is a great lower body move and also targets those inner thighs which is a hard area to reach spot.

Okay you're going to start: one foot on the BOSU ball, big step out to the side. Make sure both toes are pointed forward, keeping the weight in your heels. From there you're going to lunge into the leg that's on the BOSU ball, sending that butt behind you, hinging forward. You're going to feel a stretch here (in your inner thigh) and you should also be feeling it in the leg that's on the BOSU ball. You're going to power it on up, squeeze the glutes up top.

So inhale it down, exhale as you bring it up top. To make this move more challenging, you can either add a single weight in one hand here or you can frame that leg that's on the BOSU with those dumbbells.

I'm going to turn this to the side, just so you can get a different angle of what I'm doing. So one foot is up, one foot to the side. Then I'm going to send that butt back while I'm lunging forward. Not letting that leg bend that's off of the BOSU ball and then sinking into that leg that's on the BOSU ball. And again power it on up, sqeeze it up top. Try this move, your legs will be sore and I know you'll love it.

About the Author: Nikki Metzger is a Nike Master Trainer, Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist and was just named Women's Health Magazines Next Fitness Star! She is the owner of BODI, a high intensity gym in Scottsdale Arizona. Her training methods are functional, effective and efficient and she thinks nothing is better than leaving a training session dripping in sweat and feeling awesome! | Facebook & Instagram: @nikkimetzger / @scottsdalebodi | Twitter: @nikkiBODI / @scottsdalebodi

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