These are uncertain times, and personal health and fitness have never been more important. All the “social distancing" recommendations and the closing of gyms and have made it easier than ever to fall into a sedentary lifestyle.

For me, training has always been my mental break from daily stress. Staying physically fit is vital, and it is up to us to take charge of our own personal health and fitness. With this in mind, I compiled a list of some WeckMethod Products with recommendations about how I personally use them to stay fit.

A “WeckMethodized" home gym is a phenomenal advantage for anyone who is stuck inside and still wants to be active and mobile. The goal of this article is to provide a summary of how and why I use the products offered in our “Training Pack" in my own practice along with my personal favorite exercise with each.

The BOSU® Elite

The number one question I get about the BOSU® Elite is -- “What makes it different from the original BOSU® Ball?" There is a long list of fantastic exercises that can be done with either piece of equipment, but the BOSU® Elite is more of a game-changer because of the programming that comes with it.

The BOSU® Elite is made from a thicker elastic material than the original BOSU® Ball making it much more durable compared to the original. It also has a honeycomb surface called the “Power Zone" that is easier to grip.and provides an excellent surface for strength-training. Its versatility is what makes the BOSU® Elite unique.

The BOSU® Elite also offers a unique and favorable surface for your back when performing pressing exercises, and there are limitless core exercises that can be improved with the Bosu Elite. This product can easily be sprinkled into your current routine or used exclusively to offer a full-body training experience.

My personal favorite exercise to do with my Bosu® Elite is a simple Compression Pushup. The dome shaped surface along with the elastic feedback through the hands make Bosu® Elite Compression Pushups far more intense and effective than traditional pushups. By simply focusing on compressing the ball throughout the entire movement I am able to activate my shoulders, upper back, and even chest in ways I never could with flat-surface pushups. Bosu Elite Compression Pushups are intense, so I recommend starting with half the reps you are used to doing with traditional pushups.

ProPulse® Speed Trainers

WeckMethod ProPulse® Speed Trainers are a newly patented product designed to teach the downward spiraling arm-action we call the “Double Down Pulse™." This movement can be learned and mastered through a combination of running and a number of Stationary Pulsing Drills with a pair of ProPulse® Speed TrainersIn hand.

These shifting hand weights provide real-time feedback when the hands reach the bottom position and teach you to put force into the ground at the right time while also organizing your entire body. It teaches you the fastest way to shift your weight from foot-to-foot. Learning the spiraling, downward pulsing of the hands with the rhythm required to maintain a loud, crisp, steady pulse can actually make you a better runner. Running with ProPulse Speed Trainers allow you to put the skills you learned through stationary drills into real-time practice.

My personal favorite way to use ProPulse® Speed Trainers is Shift Running. Shift Running is done by running in a straight line at a constant speed and transitioning in and out of Same Side Stride technique on both sides. This style of running was new to me when I got into WeckMethod, and in my opinion this is the most enjoyable way to run.

RMT® Rope

The RMT® Rope teaches you how to use your Spinal Engine and tap into the figure-8 patterns your body was designed for.

When used properly, you discover how to generate rotational movement from your core and learn the most basic patterns that can unlock latent athleticism while also educating your non-dominant side efficiently.

My favorite thing about RMT® Rope is the ability to establish a line of intent. The RMT® Rope provides constant feedback and learning simple patterns with the rope can link both sides of the body, educating your non-dominant side to enhance every aspect of your movement. Rolling Ropes is also great for your brain, and long duration rope rolling is a great way to induce “Flow-State." Rolling Ropes also improves your ability to learn other skills, and the basic underhand figure-8 with the RMT® Rope makes learning the “Double Down Pulse™" technique much easier and faster.

My personal favorite pattern with the RMT® Rope is the Underhand Split Jump. Learning basic patterns with the rope can be fun and rewarding, but linking those patterns to real athletic expressions is what makes the RMT® Rope most interesting to me. Underhand Split Jumps allow you to jump extremely high while also developing your timing and overall skill level with the RMT® Rope.

RMT® Club

The RMT® Clubis one of the most versatile weighted clubs on the planet. You can use the RMT® Club for all of the swinging movements and rotational patterns possible with an Indian Club, but the Shifting weight along with the unique shape and reinforced handle take things to another level.

When you start swinging an RMT® Club, the shifting weight is sent to the end of the Club-Head. Simply striving to keep the weight where it is, thereby preventing the club from making any sound, is a great way to ensure your swinging patterns are fluid and your speed is consistent. The shifting weight of the RMT® Club also allows for a new category of weighted-club training. By adding spiraling intent to sudden changes in the direction of the Club-Head, it is possible to create a “Pulse" like what you feel when using ProPulse® Speed Trainers.

The RMT® Club allows you to enhance the fluidity of your swinging movements along with the explosiveness of your pulsing movements. With so many different ways to use this one tool, the RMT® Club belongs in every home-gym. One of my favorite exercises that can only be done with an RMT® Club is known as the Coiled Bailer. The Coiled Bailer is done by coiling my core and keeping the RMT® Club outside of my front foot, then maintaining rotational intent toward the coil as I quickly shift the club head, starting and stopping my swing while maintaining the Coil.

Resistance Bands

If I had to pick one piece of training equipment that was effective, versatile, easy to store, and affordable, it would be an elastic band. Elastics are excellent for multiple types of training, and they offer huge amounts of resistance while also being light-weight and easy to store. Limit-Force Elastics training is a style that can be augmented and used in a wide variety of ways, regardless of your setting if you are interested in high-intensity isometric training..

Bands can also be used for traditional strength-training movements, and the exponential resistance offered by elastic bands makes them great for building muscle while also becoming strong through full ranges of motion. Adding elastic resistance to your training protocol is guaranteed to increase the intensity of any movement. They are so easy to store and transport, so they make an excellent addition to any home gym.

My Personal favorite way to use elastic bands in my own training is for pushups. By placing a band across each hand and crossing the band behind the shoulderblades, you can intensify your pushups and add elastic resistance to all of your pressing movements.

WeckMethod Training Pack

WeckMethod products are different from everyday equipment because of the educational software included with each product. Every fitness product in the WeckMethod Training Pack comes complete with educational content. It is an educational educational experience based around WeckMethod principles. Along with new reliable equipment, the Training Pack provides access to a variety of exercises built around WeckMethod movement principles. Immersing yourself into WeckMethod training can change the way you move and improve the way you feel. With the WeckMethod Training Pack, it has never been easier to experience truly functional training from the safety of your home.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and let's stay strong together.



RoTational Movement Training®: Functional application of swinging