Who are you, what do you do?

Hey, I'm Hoang, the Multimedia Manager at WeckMethod. Until recently, this meant that I was the 1-man art department here - creating, editing and managing all our photos, videos and graphics. Being someone who works at WeckMethod means that I also act as the occasional guinea pig for some of David's (Weck) latest and greatest ideas. In addition to this, I am also the in-house tech support (Mac, PC, Android, iPhone, you name it) and resident cyclist.

I started at WeckMethod about 2 and a half years ago, coming in as a marketing intern. Somewhere along the line, I took over doing the videos and photos as I transitioned into working here full-time. Eventually, our previous graphic designer left and I ended up taking over his duties as well. Needless to say, it's been an incredible and crazy 2.5 years.

Favorite Part of Working at WeckMethod?

Probably just playing around with all the different gear in the awesome gym space at WeckMethod HQ. Our office has plenty of space to break out the big toys, like the 86" parabolic umbrella for lighting and the 40" jib for videos. I've even managed to convert a corner into a semi-permanent photo studio.

Favorite Workout?

Definitely the TNT with the RMT Club. Feels great to do after a long editing session.


Obviously, I love playing with cameras. Probably wouldn't be doing a lot of the stuff I'm doing now if not for that.

I'm a half-decent guitarist and can play drums, violin, banjo, mandolin, piano and sax to a passable degree.

I'm an avid PC gamer. Current favorites are Dota 2 and Overwatch.

Day in the Life?

Come in the morning, turn on the heater (I get cold easily), check emails and task list.

Meetings in the morning with the team, then I'm usually on the computer for a few hours with at least 2 Adobe programs open at all times.

Break for lunch, then come back and either get to more work on Adobe or shooting with David.

Organizing all the stuff we've shot that day comes after, along with backups, technical maintenance and file organization/cataloging.

What's on your Desk?

Computer: Late 2015 5k iMac + Old Apple HD Cinema Display

Keyboard: Das Keyboard Model S Ultimate

Mouse: Wacom Tablet/Razer Taipan

Headphones: AKG K553 Pro +Schiit Magni/Modi 2 Uber