Hi, David Weck here. Today, I'm going to be teaching you a variation of the WeckMethod 45 Squat using dumbbells for added load.

If you're not familiar with the WeckMethod 45 Squat, you may want to click the link below to familiarize yourself with how to perform the WeckMethod 45 Squat.

WeckMethod 45 Squat

Why are we doing this? To improve ground base movement. Speed, power and agility on the ground. So basically what the WeckMethod 45 Squat enables us to do is create tensional balance throughout the body. That means that the forces are traveling through my body without friction, and I'm harnessing the power of the posterior (the "haunch"), "glutes" and upper hamstrings, balanced through the balls of my feet. So, there's a number of cuing factors that make that possible. Click the link above to learn that, prior to learning this if necessary.

So what I'm going to do, I'm going to be using dumbbells for added resistance. Rather than just bend over and pick up the dumbbell, I'm actually going to use the squat to really pick them up using this technique. The key to the WeckMethod 45 Squat is the spine and shin angles are congruent. As I go down, I want my spine angle with my shin angles to be the same. That's going to give me the tensional balance that I want. So, look at the diagram on the screen, that's where my balance is. Feet turned out. Balance on the green circles. I'm going to come down, and I'm going to pick up these dumbbells. Now, what we're going to be doing is supinating and pronating. We can't just keep the weights at the sides because we're going to be spreading the knees out wide. So what we need to do is on the decent, we're going to pronate from the inside. You want to keep your shoulders strong. You don't want to let you shoulders down. You still keep them back. But you're pronating to create that room that you can come up and do 'this' movement. So, I come up, and I come out. And I just time the sequence to get around the knees. Looks from the side: Setup in my 45 balance on the green circles. It's not a calf raise, take the slack out of the system. I come down, balancing, spine and shin angles the same, and I really get that work done in the "haunch." I know I'm doing it correctly if I'm feeling it in the "glutes" and the hamstrings.

Now, we can add a little dynamic jump to this movement as well. And the dumbbells work fantastic for this resistance. I'm going to come down, and I'm going to jump and land. Set it up, come down, and jump and land. Boom, right here, and it takes some coordination, but it's a very very powerful movement for when you get done with it, you feel this incredible balance. You are training the adductors in such a way, that you actually get better at internal rotation and the adductors also function their best as flexors and extensors. So the adductors come into play big time when we find this tensional balance. Follow those cues and use the adductors for more than just squeezing the legs in, but really harnessing their true capacity to enhance flexion, extension, internal rotation, external rotation, all balanced tensionally, so you can move better on the ground.

So that's our WeckMethod 45 Squat using dumbbells for that added resistance for added load.