THE PROBLEM: Over the course of a day the average person takes between 3,000 and 4,000 steps, which adds up to over one million steps every year. Over time, and especially when running, exercising, and standing for long periods of time, your body will start to accommodate for the stress being put on it. This can result in foot collapse, fallen arches, and foot eversion and inversion that can create problems throughout your entire body. This is often felt in the ankles, knees, hips, lower back, upper torso, neck, and shoulders. Millions of people are taking millions of steps, and experiencing pain because of it.

Until now...

OUR SOLUTION: Introducing the SoleSteps®. Your feet are your connection to the ground, which support the weight and force your body produces throughout the day. This causes stress in your muscles, tendons, fascia, and joints. Improving the way your feet are set up to support this stress can have life changing benefits such as enhancing your energy, mood, and productivity. Many people feel a sense of instant relief when they stand on SoleSteps for the first time. Their body begins to sense and adjust to a stronger, better position, which all starts from the feet. 

HOW THEY WORK: SoleSteps® are engineered to relieve the daily stress your body encounters from walking, standing, and exercising. By supporting four key points on the bottom of your foot using a combination of unique slopes and angles the SoleSteps® are able to position you in a way that offsets collapse and strengthens the outer portion of your foot. This position also promotes better posture, relieves stress, and builds a better foundation for your body. 

HOW YOU CAN USE THEM: SoleSteps® are versatile and fit easily into your everyday life. You can use them at home, in the office, during exercise, and anywhere else that you spend time on your feet. Your SoleSteps® will even come complete with exercises and instructions so that you can start to feel better on day one. They don’t require a complicated set up, an app download, or multiple components. Simply stand on SoleSteps® and begin feeling the difference. 

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