Hi everyone, David Weck here. Today I'm teaching you a double RMT Club exercise that's fantastic for any swinging sport. It turns into conditioning very quickly, and it sets the foundation for performing what we call the Double Down Pulse.

The Double Down Pulse is a faster way to sprint and it gives you faster, more powerful agility on the ground. It's a para-dime shift from "swinging" the arms, to "pulsing" the arms, creating a powerful ground loading force that's harder and faster, and less wear and tear on the body because it's harnessing the free connectivity of the body to move faster. This exercise will help set the foundation so that you can move as fast as you possible can. Faster than ever before [Proper Running Technique].

Looks like this: My feet are a little wider than shoulder with apart. I'm going to be moving from Head Over Foot to Head Over Foot. Head Over Foot, Head Over Foot. So there's this rotation where my shoulders are performing sort of a figure 8 because the hand rotation. And my intent is 100% down. I'm using the 2 lb. Clubs which is what you want to use for speed and power. Looks like this: I come down, and I come down. Down on this side, down on that side, down on that side. I'm dropping my weight, and the key is the late rotation with the wrists. You want to think in terms of attacking the ground with the butt of the Club right in front or just outside of 'that' foot. Here, late late late late, and then the spiraling then happens right here, and then it just comes up. So your intent is 100% down.

Now, I'll go at it at full speed. Here's what it looks like: I'm here, and it's *movement patterns*

Get the heart rate up very quickly. Now, you may find that you want to wear batting gloves for this so that your hands can handle the force that you're able to generate. The result in doing that exercise is it gives you that ability to now use the arms to pulse into the ground with power that it hits it harder, gets you off faster, and because it's so fast, it's less wear and tear on the body. The muscles aren't eccentrically lengthening, concentrically flexing, etc. It's more just a jolt of force that you're creating.

Now, for the swinging sports, again, it's that body weight late rotation that's the key. Golf, it's that key of that late rotation. It's coming down. Boom, there's the event. It's like the movement looks like a U, but what you want to think of is that it's a V. There's a definitive point where you're coming down, and it boom. It's like you're going to throw the Club down here, attack it with the butt, let it happen. You can do it with only one Club, one hand at a time. Start with your dominant side. Groove the pattern. Go to your Non-Dominant Side and groove the pattern. If it feels weird on the Non-Dominant Side, which it may, go back to the dominate side. Do it slowly. Figure out why it feels good, and then bring it to the Non-Dominant Side. Here and here. Late rotate. Full intent down. Let the "up" happen. You don't want to muscle this. What you want to do, is you want to create the maximum length. No slack in the system, and that's going to help you play any swing sport better. Turns into conditioning after 10-12 reps, full power, and, like I said from the beginning, it's going to set you up to sprint fundamentally faster. It's a para-dime shift. It's the beginning before the beginning. Right now we've got hundreds of athletes running faster than ever before. It's a game changer. This exercise sets the foundation. Thanks.


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