Hi, David Weck here. Today, I'm going to teach you an exercise we call the Three O'Clock, Nine O'Clock swing (Clock Swings). I'm going to keep the core perfectly centered.

It looks like this: The range of motion is happening all through the shoulders and the thoracic aspect of the spine. The navel stays perfectly centered, nice wide base, split grip, and I come as far as I can, and as far as I can while keeping that navel centered. I want to feel that long and strong stretch all the way to my spine so that I'm getting that posterior shoulder stretch through the rhomboids, all the way to the spine. It's fantastic for helping generate that athletic power in your stride, as you're able to drop through the shoulders and keep that core nice and centered. You'll do both sides, we like to switch and go back and forth, feel which side feels better, and use the intelligence in that side to make the other side feel really strong and balanced as well.

Say five to eight repetitions on each side, trade sets back and forth. Gets metabolic in a hurry, and it's fantastic for really developing that upper body, you'll feel the pump, as it were, from that and athletically, it will really open you up, give you that ability to really control the center and move through the shoulders [Functional Strength Training].


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