Hi, I'm David Weck. Today I'm going to teach you an exercise we call the Diagonal Circle Swings with the RMT Club. I'm using a four pound Club. Now this is an incredibly powerful exercise, but you have to get the technique right so pay close attention to these cues. I'm going to start with the top hand, I use my dominant hand first, split grip, and I'm going to bring it down to the same side leg. I put my body weight into that same side leg and I'm going to swing the Club in a diagonal direction, forty-five degrees, cutting across the center. And the key to this exercise is keep the weight in that same side foot. You're not going to let your hip come back at all. When the Club comes overhead, especially right 'here', this is where my intent is, I want to drive that hip up and forward as my shoulder comes down and back. This is absolutely critical for getting the most out of this exercise. So you go slow at first and you really feel that weight and drive forward with the hip as the shoulder comes down and back.

What this develops is it develops incredibly powerful side bending rotation. It's the side bending combined with the rotation that gives you the safety for the spine and the true power, maximum power of rotation [Rotational Movement Training]. It will help you run faster, throw harder, hit better, punch. Basically, all things athletic rely upon rotation for power.

So, you're going to get the other side [Non-Dominant Side Training]. Now it's my non-dominant hand on top, I use a split grip. Weight in 'this' side, the head shifts over from the middle so it's more on this side. I'm going to really get that forty-five degree circle swing and I'm really rooting that foot in the ground, all of my body weight, and now it's up and forward as the shoulder comes down and back. Now, go slow at first and then turn it on and make it long. You want to make that thing as big as you can to create the maximum range of motion on the long side. You want to feel everything integrated all the way to the back of the shoulder, back of the arm. Everything integrated to be as long and as strong as you can possibly be. And what that does is it compliments the short side. Now the long side can power from the short side. So if you're throwing a ball it's all of that...short side to long side. They both work together with that side bending rotation.

I like to put this exercise in early within a session so it warms my body up, makes me long and strong, and now I'm prepared to do everything else in my workout better and get more from it. This exercise, no matter how hard you do it, you're not going to feel that "oh I can't move" soreness. You're going to feel like you did something, it's going to feel good the next day. Incredibly athletic movement, that's our Diagonal Circle Swings, I was doing the underhand direction. Really pay attention to same side leg, weight in it, hip driving up, as the shoulder comes down and back. Give it a shot, let us know how you do, and I'll see you the next time.