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This is a sports specific exercise designed for baseball. It's called a Ground Strike with a Swing Through, here's what it looks like. There's two parts to it: there's the ground strike and an athletic shuffle, which then leads me into my swing through with fluid resolution. Now the benefits of this exercise are to increase hip and pelvic, lower body strength and power, as well as thoracic fluidity, speed, and increased range of motion of the shoulders. Let me break it down:

First exercise is the ground strike. So I'm using a 4 pound club with a split grip so I have better control of the club and its weight. To start, I would put the club over my back, opening up my shoulders, gently resting it on my spine. From the side, you'll be able to see this. When I go into my ground strike, I'm going to have a nice athletic stance, keeping my core and back nice and strong. Shin and spine angle are matched up. When I come up, there's a timing pattern where I bring the club head to my shoulder as I'm transferring forward into the athletic shuffle, so I can set myself up for the swing through.

I can generate power from my back hip to my front hip through the hitting zone . We eventually resolve that club head all the way through to my shoulder. Now the benefits of that are to create an unbelievable metabolic rate, agility, speed, and coordination; those are the results of all these movements combined together. Eventually, that will promote greater bat speed and power through the hitting zone. That's the ground strike with a swing through.

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