We decided to put our ProPulse Speed Trainers® and our Double Down Pulse Technique to the test. 25 individuals were tested from various backgrounds in the field of running. Olympic hopefuls, marathoners, and casual runners alike showed up for the challenge. The testing was conducted over two weekends and consisted of two main events with the goal of seeing how the ProPulse Speed Trainers® would benefit and affect a few key factors for runners. These factors included speed, cadence, contact time, over-stride, and vertical force. 

To accurately dive into these factors we decided to team up with a local physical therapy office in San Diego called Prehab. They specialize in gait (running/walking) analysis as their form of assessment. We were able to use their unique treadmill and gait analysis software to get into the nitty gritty details of how the ProPulse Speed Trainers® and Double Down Pulse Technique would affect these factors in three Testing Cycles including:


1. Baseline testing without the ProPulse Speed Trainers®

2. Testing without the Trainers again having one week to train with them (avg 2x/wk)

3. Using the ProPulse Speed Trainers® during testing


These testing cycles consisted of two main events including a ¼ mile timed effort to determine speed and a one minute timed run on Prehabs gait analysis treadmill to determine the impact on cadence, contact time, over-stride, and vertical force. We were really excited to see the results, and are even more excited to share them with you. To do that we are posting the data sets from the gait analysis software as well as the averages of each factor in a PDF for you to see for yourself.  


View the PDF results here