Coiling Core Training® is a form of training focused on achieving maximum spinal rotation and engaging the muscles that initiate rotation through the torso. By unlocking the potential of the the lower lats, WeckMethod Coiling Core Training® strengthens the core through a full range of rotation. Coiling Core Training® is performed by finding the most extreme range of rotational torque through the thorax and working to maintain or increase that torque in a given exercise. Coiling Core Training® is a crucial part of every WeckMethod training session, and when you understand the principles behind Coiling Core Training® and its application, it is easy to add Coiling Core Training® to your existing program.

There are multiple ways you can apply Coiling Core Training® to what you are already doing. The most common and well-known use of true Coiling Core Training® is priming. By finding our fullest range of core-rotation, we can tap into our body's potential to create rotational force and enhance our ability to perform athletic movements. Generally, a WeckMethod session will begin with some form of isometric “Coil". The “Royal Coil" is the most well-known version of this application, but there are endless variations, and the addition of “Limit Force Elastics" to Coiling Core Training® can create an instant, powerful priming effect unlike anything else. If you are a fan of long-duration or “extreme" isometrics, the addition of Coiling Core positions can enhance the effectiveness and range of unilateral exercises like the Isometric Split Squat.

Another place to add Coiling Core Training® to your existing program is in the unilateral lower body strength-training portion of your workout. By establishing maximum torque through the thoracic spine, we can use the Coiling Core to open up deeper ranges in our unilateral lower body strength movements. By coiling toward the front foot, exercises like split squats and lunges can be performed through bigger ranges of motion with all of the weight being transferred through the forefoot. Coiling core unilateral strength training allows you to train with aggressive spine and shin angles, while also maintaining congruency and balance, and has tremendous carry-over to locomotion and athletic movement.

As you become more comfortable in coiled positions, you will be able to use the principles behind Coiling Core Training® to add rotational intent to all of your strength training movements. Starting in coiled positions for pressing movements, finishing in a full coil for rows, and endless variations can increase the intensity of your current program while also generating greater carry-over to locomotion. Coiling Core Training® when applied to traditional strength training or bodybuilding can build muscle through full ranges of motion while also patterning core-driven movements and enhancing athleticism.

Coiling Core Training® is not meant to completely replace braced, neutral, traditional core-training. There is value in training the ability to maintain a braced, neutral spine, especially for athletes whose sport requires it. The ability to brace your core in neutral is especially helpful when it comes to heavy lifting. Coiling Core Training® is special because of the way it transfers to movement proficiency outside the weight room. Nearly every sport involves moving into and out of extremely coiled positions, and enhancing the ability to coil the core and use it to move leads to safer, more efficient movement patterns. Whether your program is focused around the development of strength, speed, or overall fitness, remember your ABC's; Always Be Coiling.