Hi, I'm David Weck. Today I'm going to teach you one of our fundamental WeckMethod core exercises we call the Superman. Not only does this develop core strength, but it directs our efforts toward [Rotational Movement Training]. We develop the heart and the essence of rotational power with this exercise driven by the core. So here's what it looks like.

I lay out prone on the BOSU Elite which is very firm so it forces me to really brace through the abdomen. I'm going to put my feet wide, toes are on the ground. I'm going to take my elbow and drive it into my back pocket on the same side. So, shoulders coming down and back as I drive the elbow into the back pocket. I'm going to take this other hand and extend it out like a Superman pose but I'm side bending. So it doesn't come as straight, it comes in line with this shoulder right here and my head is in alignment with my back foot on the same side. So I'm driving that and I'm extending this hand out, that creates more counter weight. Now I take my opposite leg and I lift it up, squeezing the glute as hard as I can, so it's all this internal intent, and now the key to this is I drive this leg down into the ground. It's like I'm trying to scoop it forward through the ground as I drive it into the ground with this rotational power. The essence of it is down and back with the shoulder, up and forward with the hip, and that's what driving it into the ground does so I create that force. Then I take it and I get the other side. Driving the elbow into the back pocket, lifting this leg with the glute, and driving, driving the other leg forward. When you get up we create what we call the "wind at your back effect". Your stride feels so incredibly powerful because we've now strengthened and coordinated the essence and the root of our body's rotational power.

So that's an unbelievable force training exercise, there's nothing else like it. It's called the Superman using the BOSU Elite.


body mechanics and the importance of core strength

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