The BOSU® Elite's density dome and reinforced platform are designed to generate a powerful elastic resistance and to bring muscles to express their max force limit. This new dimension of training, Limit Force Elastic® training, has already proven to be extremely effective for athletes at all levels.

The following exercises are the MUST do when it comes to training with a BOSU® Elite!!

Compression Press - This Limit Force Elastic drill activates a line of intent rooted within the lowest origins of the lat or what we refer to as the Coil. Having this root primed maximizes our potential within a variety of other pressing movements while also providing maximum carry over to rotational based movement in exercises not typically associated with athletic carryover.

Compression Swing - The perfect solution in understanding the use of compression on the BOSU® Elite whilst maintaining athletic posture or spine & shin congruency. Unlike a traditional kettlebell or dumbbell swing, the focus here is on verticality while moving slow and smooth at first as to maintain compression throughout the movements concentric phase and effortless suspension on the eccentric phase.

Flat Jack - A drill we use to train what we refer to as brace and breath. Here we maximize the potential of the core without sacrificing the ability breath effectively. This has huge carryover to athletic movement as breathing effectively is essential when we are focused on the task at hand.

Ballistics Jumping - A drill to experience the effortlessness of providing a pulse into the Bosu upon landing creating a free up. Utilize this drill to prepare yourself for more advanced BOSU® Ballistic Drills

Start using your BOSU® Elite like a pro today and follow us to find out always new exercises!