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Okay, another great exercise and drill is called Chop around the Clock.

You want to position yourself in a nice athletic stance, squared off. Pretend you're standing on the face of a clock. Grab your RMT Club, we're going to start it by taking the club up and over your opposite shoulder from your dominant arm. I'm going to step forward and lunge while swinging the club out to the according numbers on the face of the clock.

I keep my core nice and strong, I'm not rounding in my lower back to get to where I need to. I'm taking a nice, long lunge as I come across the zone and I'm just going to replicate the hands on a clock as it goes around in a circle. Always come back to center, you always want to come back to a squared athletic stance. Use your full range of motion in the swing and lunge. Continue around the clock until you get to 12, at which point you switch hands [for non-dominant side training] and replicate that process again. That is Chop around the Clock.

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