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We're going to do a throwing exercise called the Hatch Toss. You may want to start with a 2lb RMT Club because it's lighter, and will decrease the risk of injury. You can always progress up to the 4lb and 6lb later.

Okay what this is going to help us do is: open up the shoulder, increase range of motion, and flexibility. We want to drive the front hip and elbow towards our target and when I finish, I'm going to end up palming the Club head. What I'm really focusing on is getting that slot angle from my shoulder through the zone. Be very careful if you have any limitations. You can always choke up on the Club and just replicate that swinging motion, throwing motion through the zone.

Russ is a lefty; I want to show it from this angle as well. Okay, full range of motion, and he comes through with the back leg so he's squared up in a ready athletic position. Find a nice comfortable slot angle. Let the Club head and weight generate all that force through, your core is nice and tight, nice and strong.

I'm going to show it from the side as well. You want to see the length. I'm actually driving with my legs. I'm driving my energy forward with a long lunge. You can also, to generate more power in your legs, and as a drill, do a long lunge with a ground strike and follow through. This is just a powerful exercise. And I bring it all the way through. Nice flexibility in the shoulder and down. And that's a great throwing drill called the Hatch Toss.

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