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Ok guys, here's a Check Swing Drill [with the RMT Club]. It's a trigger and a pop release. We start in our normal batting stance, drive the back hip through the zone and I'm going to control the head of the Club. The key to this exercise is driving the hips through the zone and generating all that power. I'm going to slow, and stop the club right there with my upper body.

That's the check trigger. And then the release is when I've gone too far, and I want to be able to hold the club at 90 degrees, and bring it back. Again Trigger and then Pop. The key to this one is to drive the butt of the club through the zone and stay inside the ball.

So Trigger first. He's firing with his hips and his core through the zone. "Now get it to 90 degrees, don't get it across the plate" Still the same body mechanics - legs, hips, core. And he's using the strength of his upper body, forearms, and everything locked out to prevent that bat from going out over the plate. And that is called Check Swing.

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