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3 Point Drill Driver Set

RMT® Club

Coiling Core Pulse Lunge

Head Over Foot Sidewinder

Halo Roll with Sudden Deceleration

Check Swings

Figure 8 - Nail Driver Pendulum Lunge - X-Light

Single Handed Swing with Chambering

Diagonal Circle Swings

Shoulder Rehabilitation Swings

Head Over Foot Side Bending Swings

Head-Over-Foot Searchlight

Balance Exercise

Shoulder-to-shoulder Swings

Drill Drivers

Clock Swings

One Handed T&T

Side to Side Lunges

Chest Exercises

The Windmill

Russian Twists

Searchlight & Shoulder to Shoulder Swings

Wrist & Grip Strengthening Exercises

Halo Roll with 2 Variations

The Hip Hinge

4 Myofascial Release Exercises

Core Strengthening Exercise

Limited Space Routine featuring 3 Exercises

4 Exercise Traveling Sequence

What is Chambering?

Athletic Balance Progression

Limited Space Training

Hockey Player Swings

The Tilt & Turn

Balance Training with the RMT Club

Drill Driver - Swing & Switch - Searchlight - Overhead Swings

The Bailer & The Reverse Bailer

180 Searchlight

Traveling Lunge with Rotation

Holding the RMT Club using a Split Grip

Bailer - Check Swing X-Light - Ground Strike w/ Athletic Shuffle

Sudden Deceleration Fluid Deceleration Striking

Palming Technique: Holding & Catching

Circle Stop - Jump Lunge Windmill Stop - Hockey Player

Bailer - Searchlight - Ground Stop - Check Swing

RMT Club Exercise Using Double Down Pulse Technique

Samurai Squat

RMT Club Interval Training: Swing. Strike. Rotate.

RMT Club Functional Training to Build Balance & Power


The RMT® Club is a very versatile and provides many options for application and use. The videos in this section are designed to help educate you on specific techniques, foundational principles and provide suggestive interval workouts to use in your RMT® Club training. This includes high intensity interval training, Tabata training, circuit training, small group training, and limited space workouts.

It also includes education on the key features of the RMT® Club (such as the shifting weight and durable club head) as well as how to effectively implement those features.

If you would like to purchase an RMT® Club, click the 'Buy Now' Button. If you would like to become an RMT® Club Instructor, click the 'Training Workshop' button to learn more. Click here to jump directly to the next RMT® Club video playlist.